Our Ethos



Honesty and openness is key, both internally and with our clients. We’re more than happy to explain the ins and outs of our pricing structure, or the details of how our team operates.


Nothing is impossible

Be inventive - find positive solutions to challenges rather than saying something simply can’t be done. We’re against setting into a status quo, and as such are continuously learning and improving.


A problem shared is a problem halved

We encourage each other to collaborate and reach out for help rather than battle through it alone. We’re pro-active, and will highlight any issues we foresee at the onset.


Keep it lean

We’re firm believers in the Lean Startup approach, and do our utmost to avoid waste and make quantified, validated decisions. We use an agile development workflow, allowing us to iterate and remain nimble.


Often, the simplest solutions are the best

We love using the latest and greatest technologies, but not just for the sake of it. Sometimes it’s OK to just be a pencil.


Speed and quality aren’t mutually exclusive

Our penchant for lean, fast development, isn’t an excuse for us to skimp on quality - we maintain a high standard, and do our best to avoid technical debt. Our internal quality assurance is strong, and honest - we strive for excellence.

"Good founders get stuff done. Bad founders talk about why they aren’t getting stuff done. This is true for web apps and nuclear reactors."


Sam Altman